Friday, April 15, 2011

TRIPLE MONKEYS : A Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic Short Story OUT NOW!

Triple Monkeys, my dystiopian, post-apocalyptic, shit-hits-the-fan short story, which only ever appeared in the Chimeraworld #6 anthology in 2009, is now available!

Oh, and there's no Zombies in this one!

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Only $0.99!

EXCERPT - From Triple Monkeys : A Dystopian, Post-Apocalypse Short Story


The moment I let go of my fear and sent that first 7.62 x 39 round flying, I was emancipated.

No longer would I live in bondage to those fears. No longer would I live with the daily terror at any moment being escorted to one of the interment camps. I would never again feel myself start to piss when I saw armed soldiers rounding up people and throwing them in the back of trucks, like cattle.

At last, that icy knot I had carried around with me in my gut melted away.

With the penetration of that first traitorous skull, I was free.


After the fall of everything we knew, after the infrastructure crumbled, the internet was killed, the cell phone towers shut off, the stores all closed, the electricity stopped flowing, and the water plants stopped pumping, most people were as defenseless and vulnerable as newborns.

Most of those who died were killed were within the first few weeks, in the days when everybody lost their mind.

As many died in the riots than did from the virus. But the Endgame came when everybody lined up for the new super-duper, cure-all anti-viral shot - even those who had always rebelled against getting flu shots or other vaccines stood in line for it.

The hysteria-inducing propaganda campaign about how horrendous a disease this was worked fabulously. People rioted to get shot up. They trampled others to death to get a shot. They pushed people out of the way, punched them and kicked them and threw them aside, people who were their friends and neighbors, family members.

Once the virus reassembled itself with new viruses in the shots, that was when millions more died. Within 48 hours, more than half of those who took the new shot were either dead, maimed or comatose.

And most of the rest lost their ability to think. They lost their own will. They lost their capacity for reason.

Taking away fast food death burgers, big screen TVs, and their two-for-one Cool Whip coupons was enough to make most people riot or lay down and die.

We were all lost.

There were millions dead.

Tens of millions.

And the death toll just kept on rising.

But some of us – just some of us – found the way back to our own humanity.


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