Friday, February 25, 2011

Gimme, gimme some of that Vampire Money...

"Gimme, gimme some of that vampire money..."  -  My Chemical Romance

Well, yeah. That would be nice.

I just read the latest Tweet from Gerard Way and it simply said "Gimme gimme some of that vampire money."

And I thought, what does that mean? (I've not got the new album yet and only seen a couple of the new videos online, so I didn't realize Vampire Money was one of the tracks on it.) I figured he was going to be in a vampire movie or something.

So I Googled. Found it was a song title and then came across this article -

(Check out the second tower ad, right hand side. Oh, the irony.)

The article made me really sad. I thought, well shit, he's not gonna star in the movie version of Vampire Vintage now, is he? Damnit! (Vivant was actually in-part inspired by Gerard Way's look and his theatrics.)

Joking aside, (yes, I know he won't star in my movie, nor will I probably ever have a movie,) but, the thing that made me sad about the article was this - Gerard Way said he is now totally over the whole vampire/goth thing.


Because of the sparkly one. Because of the overexposure and watering down of the subculture. Because of the cynical packaging and marketing of the goth / vampire as a commodity.

In essence, I can see his point and to a greater degree, I concur with his analysis.


I remember a day, a day before My Chemical Romance were famous, before they were the apple of every purple-haired emo goth's eye. They were nobodies. Virtually unknown. But I loved their music. They inspired me. And now that everybody else loves them and is inspired by them, I still love their music. I am still inspired by them. Because what the music meant to me, what it said to me, what I felt when I listened to it, I felt in my heart and in my soul. And there is nothing on this earth that could possibly tear that out of me. Nothing. And just because they are now one of the top bands in the universe, I have no intention of turning my back on them nor withholding the cash I spend on CD, DVDs etc. I cannot switch off what I feel for their music just because a few million other people like them now too. Those few million people have taste, I say. And I'm a till death kinda girl.

If I could talk to Gerard Way and to anybody and everybody else who are burned out on vampires, just because of misplaced media overexposure, this is what I would say. Some of us loved vampires before they sparkled. Some of us wrote vampire fiction before they went to high school and had strangely-named offspring. Some of us have always written about vampires - even before they were part of every-day tween memes.

And some of us loved vampires and gothy things when it seemed that nobody else did, and, indeed, would laugh at at those of us who did for doing so.

For me, the whole Twilight / paranormal romance / teen / tween slash, slash - whatever - aren't even part of the genre I write in, or the genre that I love. Twilight has never been marketed as a vampire book and is not being made an icon by vampire lovers. It has been adopted by those who read romance books.

But for every icon that's made there's always an iconoclast waiting in the wings. There's always something else will come along to capture the hearts and minds and the Big Thing of today will be fish and chip wrappers tomorrow.

I say keep the faith! Don't turn your back on us - we didn't do it. We were hijacked by High School Musical with fangs and a million canine-toothed Fabios on bad POD covers. I'm waiting for the day I see a picture of Kim Kardashian and Justin Beiber with fangs. That day, I may slit my own throat in despair. (Not really, but you know what I mean.)

None of this is meant with disrespect to The Twilight Saga or the Twilight movies or Stephenie Meyer - I've never read it, seen it, met her. There is a place for Twilight and there is a place for us - for everybody. It just makes me sad that people who loved what we love don't want to be on our 'team' anymore because of those things. And they don't really have anything to do with us.

But no matter what anybody else does, what anybody else writes, anybody else says, no matter how uncool or out of favor they become (they won't,) I will still love vampires. I will still love goth and the gothic. I will still write really cool vampire books. Because that's me.

Never give up.

Never lose hope.

Never let anybody take from you that which you love.

And above all - "Be yourself, don't take anyone's shit and never let them take you alive." (G Way.)

- Alex. < --- Runs with vampires. Stakes boys who sparkle. (I'm just kidding!)


K. Hoisington said...

Hello, there. I found your blog thanks to the power of Google on my quest to find other vampire fiction to link to for my own (barely-there) blog. I actually read your Provenance post about your story, and read Zombie Fucker: Reloaded (part one) last night afterward.

But anyway, that's not the point of this comment.

My point is: It's always refreshing to see people who aren't afraid to keep on writing about sex, blood, and rock and roll, and aren't afraid to tread into the sinister.

I've been writing vampire fiction since I was in seventh grade... Way back when when Interview with a Vampire had just come out on VHS. I read the book shortly thereafter and I have been hooked on the fanged ever since.

However, were you to look at me, you would never guess that I'm vampire obsessed, tattooed, and even aware of Industrial or Goth music. I don't fit into that fashion genre, but I'd gladly stand up and say I'm Goth. (I'm a nice blouse, jeans and sandals kind of girl. "Normal" but nerdy.)

I have ventured into the realm of paranormal romance, because I like the mix of the supernatural and romance. Not because I want to cash in on the Twi-craze. I doubt I'll ever be published, so there you go.

So, after all of this fluff, I just want to say great post and I'll definitely be back to keep reading your writing.

Free Vampire Stories - Alex Severin said...

Hi there, K,

Thanks for your comment and your kind words - I appreciate it!

I was about 12 when I discovered old black and white horror movies and fell madly in love with Bela Lugosi. Then I spent the next ten years reading vampire books feverishly. INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE is my favourite vampire book. I also love THE KEEP by F. Paul Wilson, and another fave of mine is VAMPIRE JUNCTION by S.P. Somtow.

Good luck with the writing too!

- Alex.